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Ideas for Celebrating the ADA

How will you celebrate the ADA? Below are some ideas and suggestions to celebrate throughout the year the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and the ADA Anniversary – July 26 in your workplaces, schools and communities.

Accessibility & Program Access

  • Appoint an ADA Coordinator.
  • Re-evaluate and update existing transition plans.
  • Survey websites for accessiblity and prioritize web pages to be updated based on use and content.
  • Create focus groups/panels of people with disabilities to provide feedback on accessibility and program access issues.
  • Assess pedestrian access and identify need areas.
  • Commit to providing playgrounds that meet ADA compliance guidelines.
  • Provide effective communication such as interpreters at all large events or public meetings.

Training/Technical Assistance

  • Send staff to ADA related workshops and conferences such as the National ADA Symposium.
  • Utilize the ADA National Network for training and technical assistance. 1-800-949-4232
  • Participate in on-line courses, audio-conferences, and podcasts.
  • Conduct in-house training on ADA issues on a regular basis.

Disability Awareness Events

  • Host a wheelchair game or  races.
  • Exhibit works by artists with disabilities.
  • Sponsor a disability awareness poster contest.
  • Demonstrate the use of assistive devices at a community event.
  • Host an online or in-person discussion. Ask questions such as: What impact has the ADA had on your life? What would be different about your life if we did not have the ADA?

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